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Many faces of Francis Bacon

Hope Street Ltd’s Emerging Artists Programme 2016 will collaborate with Tate Liverpool once again, to produce a secret show in forbidden places - inspired by one of the art gallery’s most intriguing exhibitions, Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms currently on display at Tate Liverpool until 18th September.

The Many Faces of Francis Bacon is a promenade performance that will take audiences on a secret tour behind closed doors… but be careful, you might not like what you see…!

Experience the life and work of the artist as never before. Take unexpected journeys through Tate Liverpool’s hidden spaces, meeting grotesque masked characters along the way who will immerse you in the raw, seedy and visceral world of Francis Bacon.

Directed by Dende Collective’s artistic director, Andre Pink, in collaboration with designer Kate Unwin (Unsung), musical director Andy Frizell and Claire Morris from Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, the performance is inspired by Bacon's gilded gutter life, his ideas about life and art, and the world of his paintings.